• Sharon Brown


Written by Gillian Haston

I don’t mind admitting that three years ago, I was lost.

My life wasn’t turning out as I’d planned, I wasn’t paying enough attention to my physical and mental wellbeing and I didn’t want to carry on with my corporate career any longer. I went on a journey of self-discovery that led me to where I am now. Self-employed, in control of my life and with a clear vision of where I want to be.

The thing is, this journey was long and at times painful and if I’m being honest, I felt alone some of the time. It wasn’t that I didn’t have people around me who loved me, but I felt that I needed to be around other women who really got me and understood what I was trying to do.

If I’d had the opportunity then to immerse myself in a retreat that was all about awakening and finding the real me again, I would have grabbed it with both hands. It would have saved me some time and some pain and would have helped me to move every area of my life forward in a supported and empowered way.

So that’s one of the reasons why I wholeheartedly support the Revival Sanctuary Awakening retreat which is taking place in June 2020.

It’s a fabulous opportunity to take stock of where you are now and where you want your life to be. It’s a time to rediscover yourself, to take time out, to rest and to recharge. It’s time for you, to focus on YOU.

All of this while being supported by the team of facilitators and fellow participants.

And I’m delighted to be one of the facilitators working with you, to help you heal emotionally and also to prevent overwhelm and burnout.

If, like I was, you’re feeling a bit lost, please take this opportunity to get yourself back on track and awaken yourself to all the wonderful things life has to offer.


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